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St. Louis Modern Chinese School
孔令汝 (Lingru Kong)

Teach Classes for 2020 Spring:
  • CB08B_20S  双语儿童班八年级  Chinese Level 8 (Bilingual, Child)
  • CH01C_20S  中文一年级C班  Chinese Level 01C
简介:  我是土生土长的中国人,大学起定居美国。关注和喜爱幼儿教育, 并且有5年多的幼儿教育经验。同时也喜欢从事与文化交流有关的活动,比如为郭涛一家当过加州迪士尼的陪游,并在奥兰多迪士尼当过园区高端客服和翻译。大学期间,曾在圣路易现代中文学校当过老师。

Lingru Kong - 100% made in China and resided in the USA since college. I am passionate about youth education and have over five years of experience with it. I also like culture-exchange related activities. For example, I was the Private Tour Guide and Translator for Guo Tao (a Chinese actor) family's Disneyland trip, and I worked as the Guest Relations at Walt Disney World. During college, I taught classes at St. Louis Modern Chinese School during college.

爱好:  自助游,各国美食,迪士尼, 当地活动,电影,烹饪

Self-planned Travel, World Cuisine, Disney, Local Events, Movie, Cooking

个人趣事:  去过全世界六个迪士尼中的四个和全世界4个环球影城中两个。2019年自助游4个月去了4个国家和12个城市,全程寄宿在陌生人的家。

I had been to four out of the six Disney theme parks in the world, and two out of the four Universal Studios in the world. In 2019, I travel full-time for four months in four different countries and 12 different cities. For the whole trip, I lived with strangers for free accommodation.