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St. Louis Modern Chinese School
Robert Linnenbom (Robert Linnenbom)

Teach Classes for 2020 Spring:
  • SM01A_20S  数理 I  Science and Math I (Grade1,2,3)
  • SM02A_20S  数理 II  Science and Math II (Grade 4,5)
  • WR01B_20S  英语写作 I (小学)  English Writing I (Elementary)
  • WR01C_20S  Book Arts (5-8 years old)  Book Arts
  • WR01D_20S  Multi-Discipline Learning Lab  Multi-Discipline Learning Lab
  • WR02B_20S  英语写作 I (初中)  English Writing II (Middle School)
简介:  罗伯特 林嫩博姆
Robert Linnenbom lived and worked in Changchun, Jilin from Jan 2008 until he returned to America in July, 2015. In China, he taught English reading, writing, speaking, and listening to students in grades pre-kindergarten, elementary school, middle school, high school, and college.
Before going to China, he taught math and science on weekends for over 10 years to high-IQ students at Gifted Resource Council in Clayton. He also worked full-time in the library at Washington University. The photo shows Robert and his beloved wife, 刘 婷 Liú Tíng (1968-2015).

爱好:  魔术

个人趣事:  Mr. Linnenbom is an amateur magician who uses magic in his teaching of math and science and to encourage the creative imagination of his students. "An atmosphere of excitement arising from imagination transforms knowledge." -Alfred North Whitehead