A Nurturing Avenue To Learn Chinese
St. Louis Modern Chinese School
魏婕姝 (Jieshu Wei)

Teach Classes for 2019 Spring:
  • APC01A_19S  AP 中文考试  AP Chinese Prep.
  • CB03B_19S  双语儿童班三年级  Chinese Level 3 (Bilingual, Child)
简介:  我热爱中文,热爱中国文化。我从小就在外语院校学习,所以明白更理解学习外语的困难。大学毕业后,我在台北语言会所接受了对外汉语教师培训,成为了一名对外汉语教师。在中国有5年的对外汉语教学经验,在美国也有多年私立高中的教学经历。对于AP中文考试,我花了大量时间做了充分的准备,深度研究过每一年的考卷及答案,非常了解阅卷老师的要求。2018年春季的AP中文考试,我所有参加考试的学生都获得了5分最高分!此次优异的成绩是由老师多方面多角度的充分准备,学校的支持,家长的配合,学生的努力共同创造出来的。

I love Chinese language and Culture. I learned English as Foreign language when I was little. In fact, I went to a bilingual English/Chinese boarding school for middle and high school. I know how it feels and how hard it can be sometimes to learn a foreign language. After I graduated from college I trained as a Chinese as a Foreign Language teacher at the Taipei Language Institute and then went on to teach there. I have 5 years teaching experience in China teaching Chinese as a foreign language, and many years here in St. Louis. For AP Chinese exam preparation I have spent a lot of time and effort preparing by researching all of the questions and answers from previous years’ tests, and truly understand what the examiners are looking for. In Spring 2018 all of my students received a grade of 5 (highest possible)! These excellent results were made possible by my thorough preparation, support from the school, cooperation from parents, and the students’ very hard work.