A Nurturing Avenue To Learn Chinese
St. Louis Modern Chinese School
叶春龙 (John Yeh)

Teach Classes for 2020 Spring:
  • CA02B_20S  成人双语班二年级  Chinese Level 2 (Bilingual, Adult)
  • CA04B_20S  成人双语班四年级  Chinese Level 4 (Bilingual, Adult)
  • CA05B_20S  成人双语班五年级  Chinese Level 5 (Bilingual, Adult)
简介:  叶春龙老师热爱中华文化,学识渊博,拥有汉学学士和电脑学硕士学位。他有多年的汉语教学经验。过去,曾任法庭兼职通译及非营利机构特刊主编。

John Yeh - received a Bachelor’s degree in Chinese Studies and a Master’s
degree in Computer Science. He has a profound knowledge of Chinese culture and multiple
experiences in teaching the Chinese language at community colleges and Chinese schools.
John Yeh was court house interpreter and editor in chief for a non-profit organization.

爱好:  钢琴、古典音乐、中国国乐、声乐、戏剧、阅读、写作、翻译、脸书交流

Hobbies: Piano, Classical Music, Chinese Music, Vocal Music, Drama, Reading, Writing, Translation, Facebook