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St. Louis Modern Chinese School
吴婷婷 (Tingting Wu)

Teach Classes for 2018 Fall:
  • CH01C_18F  中文一年级C班  Chinese Level 01C
简介:  吴婷婷来自四川成都,毕业于四川师范大学。自2014年任教于圣路易现代中文学校。热爱教育事业,热衷于和孩子们工作。教学风格轻松、幽默,富有激情。采用寓教于乐的教学方法,以激发学生的课堂参与性以及对中文学习的兴趣和热爱。2016年荣获国务院侨办举办的“华文教育教案比赛”海外华文教师组二等奖。

Tingting Wu comes from Chengdu, Sichuan Province. She graduated from Sichuan Normal University, China. She has been working in SLMCS since 2014. She was an enthusiastic volunteer, especially with disabled and autistic children. She is fond of working with children because they are angels from heaven. She believes studying should be fun and interesting, so she always encourages her students to participate in class activities and incorporates practice into various games. Her teaching style is relaxed, cheerful and passionate. She hopes every kid will have fun in her class in SLMCS.

Second Place Award in the second "Overseas Chinese Education Lesson Plan Contest" - Overseas Chinese Affairs Office, State Council of the People's Republic of China, 2016.

爱好:  自愿者工作、唱歌、绘画和旅行。
volunteer, singing, painting and traveling.

个人趣事:  孩子们的快乐是老师最大的快乐,愿欢乐与温馨的课堂陪伴小朋友们度过轻松、愉快的第一年!
“It is children that teach us to be better people.”