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St. Louis Modern Chinese School
郭振华 (Zhen Hua Guo)

Teach Classes for 2020 Spring:
  • MA05A_20S  数学五年级  Math (Grade 5)
  • MA05B_20S  数学五年级  Math (Grade 5)
  • MA06A_20S  数学六/七年级  Math (Grade 6/7)
  • MA06B_20S  数学六/七年级  Math (Grade 6/7)
  • MA99A_20S  中国数学考题研习班  Math On-Line Exam Workshop
  • SA01B_20S  ACT/SAT 数理研习班   ACT/SAT Math & Science
简介:  Guo Zhenhua is a native of Northern China. He earned his BS in agriculture from Beijing Agricultural University in China in 1982 and his BS / Ph. D degrees in biology from Kentucky University in USA in 1992/94. He has got more than 15 years of experiences in scientific research and 3 years of math/science education at high school and college levels. He has been helping many students to achieve their academic goals in recent years.

爱好:  He loves math, science, and nature. He studies plants both domesticated and grown in the wild. He spends lots of his leisure time caring for his plants inside and around his home.