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St. Louis Modern Chinese School
金兆伟 (Zhaowei Jin)

Teach Classes for 2020 Spring:
  • GF02A_20S  武术中班  Gong Fu II
  • GF02B_20S  武术中班  Martial Arts I
  • GF03B_20S  武术大班  Martial Arts II
  • GF11A_20S  成人武术健身  Martial Arts (Adult)
  • GF11B_20S  成人武术健身   Martial Arts (Adult)
  • GF12A_20S  成人拳击武术  Martial Arts (Adult)
  • GF12B_20S  成人拳击武术   Martial Arts (Adult)
简介:  My name is Zhaowei Jin. I am a principal scientist for Pfizer. I was relocated to St. Louis this year from Research Triangle Park, North Carolina. I have been teaching martial art for over three years in Raleigh Academy of Chinese Language (RACL). I love martial art since I was a teenager. I studied martial art under the guidance of several well known teachers in Chengdu Athlete Institute and a famous Tai Ji Master in Yang Style in Chengdu. I was a silver medal winner in Southern Boxing (南拳 )in College/University Tournament of Sichuan Province 1984.