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St. Louis Modern Chinese School
周雪峰 (Xuefeng Zhou)

Teach Classes for 2020 Spring:
  • CS01A_20S  国际象棋 – 初级班  Chess Game (Beginer)
  • CS01B_20S  国际象棋 – 中级班  Chess Game (Intermedia)
简介:  Instructors of chess classes: Iris Zhou & Xuefeng Zhou (周雪峰)
About the Instructor Iris Zhou: Iris Zhou is a 10th grader in Ladue High School. She started playing Chess since she was 61/2 years old and has progressed rapidly ever since. She is now a USCF (United States Chess Federation) Chess Expert and one of the top junior players in her age group in the nation. Iris has qualified the US national team to play in the World Youth Chess Championship (WYCC) since she was 8 years old. Currently she is one of three K-12 players in Missouri who have ever played in WYCC.

About the Instructor 周雪峰, He holds a PhD degree in Computer Science from Washington University in St. Louis and is currently working as a research scientist in Monsanto. He played Chinese chess (中国象棋), Bridge (桥牌), and Chess(国际象棋)in his youth years. With his background in Chess, he has helped his daughter Iris Zhou in Chess training through the years.