A Nurturing Avenue To Learn Chinese
St. Louis Modern Chinese School
刘海虹 (Haihong Liu)

Teach Classes for 2019 Spring:
  • CM04B_19S  马立平四年级 B班  Chinese Maliping 04
  • CM05B_19S  马立平五年级  Chinese Maliping 05
  • MA01A_19S  数学一年级  Math (Grade 1)
简介:  My name is Helen Liu, I am Software Engineer and work for AT&T. Love coding with smart people and take challenge everyday. Innovation makes different. Enjoy teaching with kids. It is another kind of challenge. I have worked at SLMCS since 2009. Each kid is special gift. It is important to make our kids know our root ---we are Chinese, we know our history...
Currently, I am teaching 8th grade Chinese class. We start to learn how to write essay in Chinese.
I also teach 1st Grade math. It is important to let kids learn how to do critical thinking. We will practise numbers; the most important thing is how to solve the problem.