A Nurturing Avenue To Learn Chinese
St. Louis Modern Chinese School
华燕 (Yan Hua)

Teach Classes for 2020 Spring:
  • CB01B_20S  双语儿童班一年级  Chinese Level 1 (Bilingual, Child)
  • DU01C_20S  儿童腰鼓  Chinese Waist Drum
  • IN02A_20S  葫芦丝演奏中级班  Cucurbit Flute (II)
  • IN02B_20S  葫芦丝演奏初级班  Cucurbit Flute (I)
简介:  大家好!

I enjoy being a teacher. I love my students.
I hold a Bachelor of Arts degree from Beijing Teachers College, China, two Master of Arts degrees from Shanghai Normal University, China, and University of Missouri-Kansas City, US, majoring in English and American literature & education. I started teaching Chinese at our St Louis Modern Chinese School when the school was founded in 1997. I was one of the 3 teachers that taught Chinese language and Chinese Reading Class at our school. I also taught FCC class Chinese, bi-lingual class Chinese at our school for many years. I believe learning Chinese should be fun while it will benefit everyone. My goal is to make learning Chinese fun and interesting. My class slogan is “Learn Chinese well and make more friends.”

CFLK1 class: Students will learn Chinese by playing games that involving listening and speaking. We will read and write Chinese as well. I use Chinese Paradise text book 1A and 1B with workbooks. By the end of school year students will learn about 110 Chinese words and sentences. I will teach Chinese poems and songs as well. Students will participate in Chinese Speech Contest in Spring each year.

Introduction of Hulusi flute:
Hulusi flute is a traditional Chinese musical instrument that was invented in Han dynasty. It is small, easy to carry, highly loved by people and easy to learn. It sounds beautiful and elegant. The melody carries far away. When Dai, Li and Han nationalities have festivals, they will sing and dance with Hulusi flute. This is a new class for beginner students who never touch the Hulusi flute. They will learn basic fingering and play simple songs as well as learn simple scores. Students will perform at China Day in Botanical Garden next year. Please note that parents if you are going to purchase a Hulusi flute for your child, please buy B flat tune Hulusi flute. Minimum requirements for students is 6 people per class. Thank you.

爱好:  Swimming, listening to music, playing a bamboo flute, a
Hulusi flute, playing a Chinese yoyo and travel.

个人趣事:  天鹅飞去永不回,良字去头双人配,双木非林心相连,您若无心各自飞。 一个房子三个门,里面装了半个人。