A Nurturing Avenue To Learn Chinese
St. Louis Modern Chinese School
萧小虹 (Xiaohong Xiao)

Teach Classes for 2020 Spring:
  • CA03B_20S  成人双语班三年级  Chinese Level 3 (Bilingual, Adult)
简介:  从事编辑、图书信息工作多年。教中文始终是最快乐的事。现为大学中文老师。早年在广州中山大学中文系完成本科和研究生学业,来美后在University of Arizona 取得图书信息科学硕士学位。

Teaching is my favorite. I’m now an instructor in Chinese at Lindenwood University. I received the BA and MA degrees in Chinese Language and Literature from Sun Yat-Sen University, China, and the MA degree in Library and Information Science from University of Arizona.