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居涛(Tao Ju),Dr. Tao Ju obtained his B.A. and B.S. degrees from Tsinghua University and PhD degree in Computer Science from Rice University. He is currently a Professor in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering in Washington University in St. Louis. His research area is computational geometry, computer graphics, and image analysis. Tao has attended a number of math contests in China, and was ranked the 1st place in Jiangsu Province in the National Middle School Math Competition (全国初中数学联赛) in his 9th grade and 7th place in Jiangsu Province in the National High School Math Competition (全国高中数学联赛) in his 10th grade.

• Title 课程: 8-10 年级数学提高班 (Challenging Math for grades 8-10)

• ID 课程代码: MA10E_18F
• Date 日期 : Sun
• Start Date: 9/9/2018
• Session 时间 : 8 (4:10PM – 4:55PM)
• Room 教室 : 2307
• Description: This course is designed for those students in grades 8-10 who are interested in exploring additional math materials beyond their core curriculum. The students will be exposed to advanced concepts, particularly in geometry and algebra. For students interested in participating competitions, this course will prepare them for the AMC 10 or tests at similar levels. For those who are not avid competitors, they will also find the course challenging and rewarding.
• Materials: We will use the AMC preparation book series (5 volumes) on . The series span a wide range of topics in 28 chapters. We will selectively cover the chapters on geometry and algebra over the course of one year, and use the provided questions as homework. Please have all 5 books ready (either hard-copy or PDF versions), as we will not strictly follow the order of the chapters. Students are also encouraged to use other resources such as AOPS.
• Prerequisites: The student must be taking grade 10 math or higher grade math at school with good grades. Prior experience in competitions, such as AMC 8, is highly recommended but not required. The student must demonstrate good behavior in class. This is a course for those who are truly interested in learning math, and we have zero tolerance for interrupting and disrespectful behaviors.

Dan Wine, Mr. Wine is a classically trained artist that enjoys demonstrating a variety of techniques and subjects. The majority of his work concerns the human figure and portraiture. He enjoys viewing people and considering them as actors in a social environment. Of that, He can visually demonstrate an appreciation for our humanity. That said, he does regularly create art that features animals or landscapes as well. Simply put, he will explore any subject that captures my interest, and that I think others might enjoy via his sensitive interpretation. That interpretation is currently achieved either through graphite/charcoal drawing, or oil painting. As standard practice his work is rendered as representational and realist; though, he is not beyond employing more creative and impressionistic mark making when the composition requires a variety of additional visual ques. For those individuals interested in viewing some of his work, please visit the following website:

• Title 课程: 绘画入门 I/II (Beginning Drawing I/II)
• ID 课程代码: DW04C_18F/DW04D_18F
• Session 时间 : 7(3:20 PM– 4:05PM) / 8 (4:10 PM - 4:55 PM)
• Date 日期 : Sun
• Start Date: 9/23/2018
• Room 教室 : 2603
• Session Length: 11 weeks
• Level: Beginner (Age 8 and up)
• Description: This class will make a survey of the drawing techniques and materials. We will initially discuss and practice organizational line drawing... a formal examination of the basic observations and mark making that we begin to develop as novice artists. Next, we will discuss how our subjects can be simplified, understood, and rendered as a system of planar structures. The intent of which is to the see that subject as a series of successively shrinking planes that reflect varied degrees of light back to the viewer. This is the ‘architecture’ of our likeness. At this point, we will take note of what can be called a ‘light system’ and a ‘shadow system’, and determine which of the planes formerly established lies within each system. Finally, we will discuss the application of relative values to the drawing, and resolve the image into a solid likeness.

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