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华盛顿大学手机服务 Wash U Phone Services (WUPS) by SLMCS alumnus


我们有一个好消息告诉你们, 现在起,只需两个小时,华盛顿大学手机服务联盟(WUPS) 就能完成从收下订单,上门提机,到完成修理整个流程, 并保证在当天之内将手机交还到您的手中。
这项服务所得10%的盈利将会被捐赠给圣路易斯现代中文学校,另外10%将会通过Wash U关爱中国组织回馈给远在中国的孤儿。 我们不仅能受理iPhone和三星智能手机的修理订单,而且只要苹果官方服务的一半价格。

从现在起,您就可以通过我们的网站 下单!

WUPS合伙创始人, SLMCS 校友曾丹, 现在还在圣路易斯现代中文学校志愿服务。
WUPS 致力于向您提供高效高速高质量的创新型智能手机服务的同时,也在关爱我们的美好社区。


Dear St. Louis Modern Chinese School Family and Friends,

We are excited to offer a deal which would benefit not only yourself, but also the Chinese School and Chinese orphans.

In just 2 hours, Wash U Phone Services (WUPS) will pick up your phone from the Chinese School, repair it, and return it to you the same day. 10% of proceeds will benefit the St. Louis Modern Chinese School and another 10% for orphans in China through the Wash U China Care Foundation. WUPS repairs iPhones and Samsung smartphones, and offers half the prices of Apple's services.

To repair your phone, order now at
For more info on our rates:

Wash U Phone Services (WUPS) was co-founded by SLMCS alumnus Dan Zeng(曾丹), who still volunteers at the Chinese school. WUPS dedicates to provide trustworthy, speedy, and creative smart phone services while benefitting the community.

We would sincerely appreciate your support to the St. Louis Modern Chinese School and the Chinese American community.

Thank you,

Dan Zeng(曾丹),
Wash U Phone Services

[2/26/2014 12:19:22 PM]