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Help us with the wish list

Dear Students, Parents, and Volunteers,

As you may know, the school will start in a month. But the school still needs some necessary stuff in order for all classes and activates to proceed smoothly in the new semester. Here is the compiled Wish List.

As of 7/31/2012

Description Qty REMARKS
1. White (or Black) Board 20 teaching, one in each of 30 classrooms
2. Ping-Pong table 6 elective classes
3. Piano 2-3 2 singing classes (and auditorium)
4. Students¡¯ desk 100 about 16 in each of 30 classrooms
5. Teachers¡¯ desk 22 one in each of 30 classrooms
6. Copier 1 School use
7. DVD player & large screen 1 Library movie also teaching aids
8. Projector & Screen 1 Forum, seminar, presentation
9. Karaoke set 1-2 Parent activities
10. Wireless Hotsopt Gateway 1 Online
11. wireless smart repeater
and range extender 2-4 Online
12. Refrigerator 1-2 kitchen

The urgency of each item is in that order. In order to have those effective classes as scheduled, we have to have items 1 through 5.

Items 7 through 11 are needed for effective parent activities. Especially, items 10 to 11 are necessary in order for people in the building to have internet access.

If you can make the wish come true, or you can donate any items on the list, or you have any suggestions, please feel free to contact any management member or any board member. Remember that if we are together, we will be stronger and successful.

Best wishes to our school and to our community!

Board Member of the school
cell # 314-435-2862

[8/1/2012 9:55:29 AM]