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SLMCS Tuition Refund for Spring 2012 Semester available

SLMCS Tuition Refund Procedure for Spring 2012 Semester

1. Fill up the class cancellation form which can be downloaded at http://www.slmcs.org/Register/CancellationandAmendmentForm07.doc
2. Visit Ms. Zoe Min at the front desk during:
• 1:30 -- 5:00 on 3/4 or
• 3:30 -- 5:00 on 3/11
3. Submit the cancellation form to Ms. Zoe Min to get the refund check.
4. Ms. Zoe Min will inform the SLMCS registration personnel to update the database record.

1. A parent can check his/her account balance at slmcs.org. A negative balance indicates a refund available from SLMCS.
2. The refund must be claimed during the times mentioned above. Due to system limitations, any request to apply the unclaimed refund to next school year is not feasible.

[3/2/2012 8:58:05 PM]