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2012 spring semester registration starts on 12/28/11

The SLMCS registration for 2012 spring semester will open to everyone at 7:00 PM CST on 12/28/2011. Since the registration from 2011 fall semester are carried over into 2012 spring semester, most of you do not need to worry about the registration at all. If you are new to SLMCS or want to change your existing registration, please log into to do it.

It is a good time to review SLMCS Registration Policy since it has been recently updated.

Although registration is valid for the whole school year, tuition is paid semester-by-semester. Balance shown in your family registration page after 12/28/2011 is your tuition for 2012 spring semester. You can pay the tuition by mail or in person at school with check or money order. Cash or credit card is not accepted. The registration information sheet is for your record only and doesn¡¯t need to be turned in. One tuition check for the entire family is preferred. Please make sure to write your family ID AND student ID(s) on the front of the check!!!

You should have received the following notice regarding the parent duty check from the school on the last school day of fall semester:
¡°In order to encourage volunteerism, starting from 2012 spring semester, each family will be required to submit a Parent Duty check of $80 in addition to the regular tuition check on the first school day. The check will be returned to you if you perform the parent duty on the assigned duty day. If you fail to fulfill the parent duty, the check will be deposited to the school¡¯s bank account.
The check shall be payable to SLMCS, dated 05/13/2012, and contain a family ID and contact phone number on the check memo.¡±

Here are the important dates to keep in mind for spring:
1. 12/28/2011 7:00 PM CST: registration opens
2. 1/8/2012: First school day
3. 1/8/2012: The last day to register without incurring the late registration fee
4. 1/22/2012 5:00 PM CST: Late payment fee will be assessed if SLMCS doesn¡¯t RECEIVE the tuition in full by this time
5. 1/28/2012: The last day that students can change registration by themselves
6. 2/5/2012 5:00 PM CST: The deadline that SLMCS Registration Personnel may modify registration upon student¡¯s request along with full tuition payment (if applicable). Classes dropped after 5:00 PM CST on 2/5/2012 will not receive any refund.

Here is a summary of significant class changes in spring:
1. ¡°Math SAT I/Êýѧ SAT I Ìá¸ß°à¡± was added during the 3rd period
2. ¡°Math SAT II/Êýѧ SAT II Ìá¸ß°à¡± was added during the 4th period
3. ¡°Youth Dragon Dance Team¡± was added during the 3rd period
4. Teacher ³µ¼Ã·ï will teach Chinese C04B class
5. Teacher Áõçü will teach Chinese C09A class

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