St. Louis Modern Chinese School 圣路易现代中文学校
Chinese Education and Culture Center in St Louis

Free Flu Shots at SLMCS on 10/23/2011 (Sunday)

Time: 1:30 pm 10/23/2011

Where: SLMCS

Provider: Barnes-Jewish Hospital

Notes: BJH can't do infants under six months of age and they strongly recommend that any children over six months and under nine who have not previously been vaccinated receive a second shot after 30 days from their primary health care provider to achieve the best possible immunity. Pregnant women may receive vaccination with their OB's permission. Individuals who are immunosuppressed or other chronic illness may also be vaccinated via the injection as the vaccine is not live. Individuals who have asthma may also be vaccinated as long as they do not have any sensitivity to the ingredients used in the vaccine. Individuals with LATEX sensitivity or allergies can not be vaccinated at this event. Those individuals may wish to come to Barnes-Jewish for free vaccination starting on October 3.

[10/12/2011 10:16:43 AM]