St. Louis Modern Chinese School 圣路易现代中文学校
Chinese Education and Culture Center in St Louis

Every Dollar Counts! Please Help Your School!

Dear SLMCS Families and Friends:

Since the founding of the St. Louis Modern Chinese School in 1997, our school has gone through dramatic changes. The school started with 40 students. Now we have nearly 800 students. Our school has become one of the largest Chinese schools in the states. Every weekend, volunteers work hard to ensure that our children receive proper Chinese language and culture education; parents get together to exchange information and attend rich selections of extra-curricular classes; grandparents flock to the school for entertainment or just to enjoy each others’ company. SLMCS has truly become community center and an integral part of our lives in St. Louis.

With the support and generous contributions from our volunteers, parents, teachers, and other community organizations, we purchased our dream building and remodeled it with 30 classrooms in 2012 as the permanent home for our school. It provides us more opportunities to better serve the community. Since then, our school has continuousely invested large amount of the fund to maintain, repair, renovate and improve the learning environment, including building first floor community center, basement floor replacement, new lightings for the whole building, internet and Classroom TV installation, 6 new classrooms, and new conference room, etc. We have transformed the building into a beautiful Chinese culture exhibition and Chinese education center.

But we are not done yet. The school set a timeline to change and repair a total of 12 problematic air conditioners (AC). Up to August 2019, we have already changed and repaired 6 ACs with the set-aside fund of $60,000. With this effort, the temperature and humidity control and the air quality of the most classrooms have been improved effectively but problems still remain in other classrooms. In order to completely solve the problems, we still need to change and fix 6 more ACs, which will cost about $60,000.

As you all know, our school is operated by volunteers. The school has been able to maintain in very low tuition and these tuitions can only cover 80% school’s operation. Although we have received supports from some local companies, such as Emerson, Scottrade, Mastercard, these tuition and limited corporate support cannot cover the full cost of the school’s operation. With the current revenues, it will take another 2 years to accumulate enough fund to completely repair and change 6 air conditioners. The school is again graciously counting on your generous support. Your giving will provide necessary funding that can help us completely improve temperature and humidity control and the air quality in the school’s building, so that both students and teachers can more enjoy their learning and teaching Chinese language, traditional Chinese cultures, and many other activities held in the school.

Please help us and consider a donation to our dream school center!

You may make a donation by check. Please make your check payable:

St. Louis Modern Chinese School (or SLMCS).

Please mail your check to:

6710 Clayton Road
Richmond Heights MO 63117

Or, you may donate using your credit card, bank account through the secure paypal service. You do not need a paypal account to donate online. Just click the "Donate" button below.

SLMCS is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization and your donation is tax dedutable. SLMCS will send you a letter to acknowledge your donation.

现代中文学校是许多孩子们和不谙中文的美国朋友学习中文和中国文化的家, 是我们宣传中国文化的家, 也是许多华人家庭周末谈天说地, 交流信息的家, 在这里, 我们学中文, 学武术, 学跳舞, 学唱歌, 孩子们长大了, 不再来中文学校, 很多家长依然来这里, 因为这里还有很多朋友, 大家在这里见新朋, 会老友, 是很多人心中的家.

现代中文学校终于有了属于我们自己的校舍和社区中心大楼, 经过各方努力和大家的捐献, 我们已完成了大部分的大楼改造工程.目前还急需更换部份老坏的空调。所需资金估计为$60,000.

我们需要你们的帮助, 请伸出你的手, 帮助我们. 你所捐助的每一分, 都将花在学校的建设上. 现代中文学校所有管理人员都是热心家长义务服务, 过去是这样, 今后也是这样. 大家的捐款是可以抵税的。你捐款后会收到中文学校出具的捐款证明用于报税。