St. Louis Modern Chinese School 圣路易现代中文学校
Chinese Education and Culture Center in St Louis

圣路易现代中文学校共建华校 繁荣社区募捐

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    1. 扫描以下二维码或点击Donate直接线上PayPal或信用卡捐款:  
    Scan the QR code or click the Donate button to donate directly online via PayPal or credit card

    2. 支票:抬头请注明:SLMCS, 邮寄地址: 6710 Clayton Rd, Richmond Heights, MO 63117
    Check: Please make check payable to: SLMCS. Mailing address: 6710 Clayton Rd, Richmond Heights, MO 63117

    3. 亦可直接投放捐款至设在学校一楼大厅的捐款箱中。
    You can also stop by SLMCS to drop off the donation. We’ll set the donation box in the lobby to collect the donations.

    1. 捐款时请注明您的家庭 ID,姓名,电子邮箱和电话联系等信息。
    Please indicate your family ID, name, email address and telephone contact information when donating.

    2. SLMCS 属 501(c)(3) 非赢利组织,您的善款可以抵税。
    SLMCS is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and your donations are tax deductible.

    3. 如有问题,请电邮至
    If you have any questions, please email to





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