St. Louis Modern Chinese School 圣路易现代中文学校
Chinese Education and Culture Center in St Louis
2021 Fall Class List
  • Session 1:    9:00 am - 9:50 am
  • Session 2:    10:00 am - 10:50 am
  • Session 3:    11:00 am - 11:50 pm
  • Session 4:    12:00 pm - 12:50 pm
  • Session 5:    1:30 pm - 2:20 pm
  • Session 6:    2:30 pm - 3:20 pm
  • Session 7:    3:30 pm - 4:20 pm
  • Session 8:    4:30 pm - 5:20 pm
  • Session 9:    5:30 pm - 6:20 pm
  • Session 10:    6:30 pm - 7:20 pm
  • Session 11:    7:30 pm - 8:20 pm
  • Session 12:    8:30 pm - 9:20 pm
  • Session 13:    8:30 am - 9:20 am
  • Session 14:    7:00 pm - 7:50 pm
  • Session 15:    8:00 pm - 8:50 pm
  • Session 16:    8:00 pm - 9:30 pm
  • Session 17:    9:30 am - 10:05 am
  • Session 18:    10:10 am - 10:40 am
  • Session 19:    10:45 am - 11:20 am
  • Session 20:    1:00 pm - 1:50 pm
  • Session 21:    8:45 pm - 10:15 pm

All Class List 课程表
Class ID Name Date (Session) Room Status
GF11B_21F Adult Martial Arts  成人武术健身 Sun(5) TBD Open
GF05B_21F Adult Self defense  成人防身技击 New Sun(3) TBD Open
MCSP31_21F BA2 Accelerated Beast Academy  G2 (for G1-3) 1:45-3:00 pm (75 min)New Sun(5,6) Online Open
DN04B_21F Ballet Basic (Adult)  芭蕾基础训练 Sat(2) TBD Open
DW04C_21F Beginning Drawing I  绘画入门 I (under age 12) Sun(7) TBD Open
DW04D_21F Beginning Drawing II  绘画入门 II (age 12 and up) Sun(8) TBD Open
DW12B_21F Calligraphy  书法入门与进阶 Wed(12) Online Open
CS01A_21F Chess Game (Beginer)  国际象棋 – 初级班 Hybrid Sun(7) TBD Open
CS01B_21F Chess Game (Intermedia)  国际象棋 – 中级班 Hybrid Sun(9) TBD Open
CHWR2_21F Chinese Culture & Writing  国学与写作 Sun(3) Online Open
DN04A_21F Chinese Dance Odyssey  民族舞蹈精品教材班 I Sat(1) TBD Open
DN04C_21F Chinese Dance Odyssey (II)  民族舞蹈精品教材班 II (只限完成暑期班课程学员) New Sat(3) TBD Open
CH00B_21F Chinese For Kindergartners B  中文学前班B班 Sun(1,2) Online Open
CA05B_21F Chinese Level 5 (Bilingual, Adult)  成人双语班五年级 Sun(2,3) TBD Open
CH01A_21F Chinese Level 01A  中文一年级A班 Sun(1,2) Online Open
CH01C_21F Chinese Level 01C  中文一年级C班 Sun(5,6) TBD Open
CH02A_21F Chinese Level 02A  中文二年级A班 Sun(1,2) Online Open
CH02B_21F Chinese Level 02B  中文二年级B班 Sun(5,6) TBD Open
CH03A_21F Chinese Level 03A  中文三年级A班 Sun(1,2) Online Open
CH03B_21F Chinese Level 03B  中文三年级B班 Sun(5,6) TBD Open
CH04A_21F Chinese Level 04A  中文四年级A班 Sun(1,2) Online Open
CH04B_21F Chinese Level 04B  中文四年级B班 Sun(5,6) TBD Open
CH04C_21F Chinese Level 04C (ShuangShuang)  中文四年级C班 (双双) Sat(5,6) Online Open
CH05A_21F Chinese Level 05A  中文五年级A班 Sun(1,2) Online Open
CH05B_21F Chinese Level 05B  中文五年级B班 Sun(5,6) TBD Open
CH05C_21F Chinese Level 05C (Shuangshuang)  中文五年级C班 (双双) Sun(1,2) Online Open
CH05D_21F Chinese Level 05D (Shuangshuang)  中文五年级D班(双双) Sun(5,6) TBD Open
CH06A_21F Chinese Level 06A  中文六年级A班 Sun(1,2) Online Open
CH06B_21F Chinese Level 06B  中文六年级B班 Sun(5,6) TBD Open
CH07A_21F Chinese Level 07A  中文七年级A班 Sun(1,2) Online Open
CH07B_21F Chinese Level 07B  中文七年级B班 Sun(5,6) TBD Open
CH08A_21F Chinese Level 08A  中文八年级A班 Sun(1,2) Online Open
CH08B_21F Chinese Level 08B  中文八年级B班 Sun(5,6) TBD Open
CH09A_21F Chinese Level 09A  中文九年级A班 Sun(1,2) Online Open
CH09B_21F Chinese Level 09B  中文九年级B班 Sun(5,6) TBD Open
CA01B_21F Chinese Level 1 (Bilingual, Adult)  成人双语班一年级 Sun(5,6) TBD Open
CB01B_21F Chinese Level 1 (Bilingual, Child)  双语儿童班一年级 Sun(5,6) TBD Open
CB10B_21F Chinese Level 10 (Bilingual, Child)  双语儿童班十年级 Sun(7,8) TBD Open
CH10A_21F Chinese Level 10A  中文十年级A班 Sun(1,2) Online Open
CH10B_21F Chinese Level 10B  中文十年级B班 Sun(5,6) TBD Open
CH11A_21F Chinese Level 11  中文十一年级A班 Sun(1,2) Online Open
CH11B_21F Chinese Level 11B  中文十一年级B班 Sun(5,6) TBD Open
CH12C_21F Chinese Level 12A  中文十二年级A班 Sun(1,2) Online Open
CH12B_21F Chinese Level 12B  中文十二年级B班 Sun(5,6) TBD Open
CA02B_21F Chinese Level 2 (Bilingual, Adult)  成人双语班二年级 Sun(3,4) TBD Open
CB02B_21F Chinese Level 2 (Bilingual, Child)  双语儿童班二年级 Sun(5,6) TBD Open
CA03B_21F Chinese Level 3 (Bilingual, Adult)  成人双语班三年级 Sun(5,6) TBD Open
CB03B_21F Chinese Level 3 (Bilingual, Child)  双语儿童班三年级 Sun(5,6) TBD Open
CA04B_21F Chinese Level 4 (Bilingual, Adult)  成人双语班四年级 Sun(7,8) TBD Open
CB04B_21F Chinese Level 4 (Bilingual, Child)  双语儿童班四年级 Sun(5,6) TBD Open
CB05B_21F Chinese Level 5 (Bilingual, Child)  双语儿童班五年级 Sun(5,6) TBD Open
CB06B_21F Chinese Level 6 (Bilingual, Child)  双语儿童班六年级 Sun(7,8) TBD Open
CB07B_21F Chinese Level 7 (Bilingual, Child)  双语儿童班七年级 Sun(5,6) TBD Open
CB08B_21F Chinese Level 8 (Bilingual, Child)  双语儿童班八年级 Sun(7,8) TBD Open
CB09B_21F Chinese Level 9 (Bilingual, Child)  双语儿童班九年级 Sun(7,8) TBD Open
CM06B_21F Chinese Maliping 06  马立平六年级 Sun(1,2) Online Open
CM09A_21F Chinese Maliping 09  马立平九年级 Sun(1,2) Online Open
DW12D_21F Chinese Painting I  国画/水墨花鸟初阶 New Thur(12) Online Open
DW12C_21F Chinese Painting II  成人水墨画写意-山水进阶 Wed(11) Online Open
YS01A_21F Chorus  长江艺术团合唱团 Sun(4) 餐厅大教室 Open
MCSP1_21F CP10 Counting/Probability (for G6-10)  CP10 Counting/Probability (for G6-10) New Sun(1) Online Open
DW01E_21F Doodle (age 4-6)  涂鸦幼儿班(6 under) Wed(8) Online Open
DW01D_21F Doodle (age 6-11)  涂鸦少年班 (6-11) Sun(3) Online Open
DW01C_21F Doodle Color  用色涂鸦 New Sun(7) Online Open
DW05A_21F Drawing (adult I)  成人绘画 I Sun(1) Online Open
DW05E_21F Drawing (adult II)  成人绘画 II Sun(2) Online Open
WR03A_21F Elementary English Writing  小学英文写作 Sun(7) TBD Open
WR01A_21F English Writing I (Elementary)  小学英文写作 (G2-3) Sat(1) Online Open
WR01B_21F English Writing II (Elementary)  小学英文写作 (G4-5) Sat(2) Online Open
WR02A_21F English Writing III (Middle school):  初中英文写作(G6-7) Sat(3) Online Open
ER01A_21F Erhu Introduction (Adult)  二胡演奏入门(成人) Sun(1) TBD Open
ER01B_21F Erhu Introduction (Kids/Youth)  二胡演奏入门(青少年8-22岁) Sun(2) TBD Open
FE02A_21F Fencing for Beginners (age 10 and up)  击剑入门(10岁以上) Sun(4) TBD Open
FE01A_21F Fencing for Beginners (age 6 to 9)  击剑入门(6-9岁) Sun(3) TBD Open
AR11B_21F Fitness Dance  成人健美操 Hybrid Sun(5) TBD Open
MA20A_21F Geometry  几何 Sat(10) Online Open
PS02A_21F Government, civics, and public speaking  政府职能及公共演讲 (高中) New Hybrid Thur(14) Online Open
MC05B_21F Grade 5 Math Competition and SSAT  竞赛数学-5年级 Hybrid Sun(7) TBD Open
MC06B_21F Grade 6 Math Competition, MCTM, and Prealgebra  竞赛数学-6年级 Hybrid Sun(8) TBD Open
MC07B_21F Grade 7 Math Competition and Mathcounts  竞赛数学-7年级 Hybrid Sun(7) TBD Open
MC08B_21F Grade 8 Math Competition and AMC8  竞赛数学-8年级 Hybrid Sun(8) TBD Open
DN02B_21F Hip-Hop (Street) Dance Beginners(6+)  Hip-Hop 街舞入门(6+) Sun(4) TBD Open
DN02A_21F Hip-Hop (Street) Dance Intermediates(8+ and adult)  Hip-Hop 街舞进阶(儿童、成人兼收) Sun(3) TBD Open
CM01A_21F Introducing Chinese Medicine  认识中医 New Mon(12) Online Open
PR05E_21F Introduction to Java  Java入门 Sun(11) Online Open
KR01C_21F Karate Entry - Kids & Youth (6-13)  儿童空手道 ( 6-13岁) New Sun(7) TBD Open
KB11D_21F Keyboard (Adult)  成人电子琴课(高级) Sun(7) TBD Open
DN03B_21F Kid Dance (under 12)  少年舞蹈(12岁以下) Sun(7) TBD Open
KR01B_21F Kyokushin Karate Teen & Adult (14 and up)  極真空手道 New Sun(6) TBD Open
WR03B_21F Learning Lab  Learning Lab Sun(8) TBD Open
PR07B_21F Learning to code with Python Turtles  编程 Sun(3) Online Open
KR01A_21F Longevity Karate  养生空手道 New Sun(5) TBD Open
MA01B_21F Math (Grade 1)  数学一年级 Sun(3) Online Open
MA02B_21F Math (Grade 2)  数学二年级 Sun(4) Online Open
MA03A_21F Math (Grade 3)  数学三年级 Sun(3) Online Open
MA04A_21F Math (Grade 4)  数学四年级 Sun(3) Online Open
MA05A_21F Math (Grade 5) I  数学五年级(I) Sun(4) Online Open
MA05B_21F Math (Grade 5) II  数学五年级 (II) Sun(7) Online Open
MA06B_21F Math (Grade 6)  数学六年级 Sun(8) Online Open
MC09B_21F Math Competition (Grade 9)  竞赛数学-9年级 Sun(12) Online Open
MCSP5_21F MC10 AMC10 November Contest Preparation  Tuesday 7-8:30 pm 8/31-10/26 90 minutes for 8 weeks New Tue(14,15) Online Open
MCSP4_21F MC4 Beast Academy G4 and  Math League Contest New Sun(4) Online Open
MCSP6_21F MC8A - AMC8 January Contest Preparation  Tuesday 7-8:30 pm 11/2-12/21 90 minutes for 8 weeks New Tue(14,15) Online Open
MCSP2_21F MM5: MCTM  Elementary Contest Preparation New Sun(3) Online Open
HC06A_21F Paper Art (I)  折纸 Sun(8) TBD Open
HC06B_21F Paper Art (II)  剪纸 Sun(7) TBD Open
PH01A_21F Photography I  摄影理念实践入门 Sun(7) TBD Open
PH02A_21F Photography II  摄影理念实践进阶 Sun(8) TBD Open
PP01A_21F PingPong(Adult) I  成人乒乓球 I Sun(5) B206A Open
PP01C_21F PingPong(Adult) II  成人乒乓球 II Sun(6) B206A Open
PP01B_21F Pingpong(Youth I)  青少年乒乓球(I) Sun(4) B206A Open
PP01D_21F Pingpong(Youth II)  青少年乒乓球 (II) Sun(7) B206A Open
PP01E_21F Pingpong(Youth III)  青少年乒乓球 (III) Sun(8) B206A Open
BP11B_21F Pipa - Advance  民族乐器琵琶(高级) Sun(5) TBD Open
BP11C_21F Pipa - intermediate  民族乐器琵琶(中级) Sun(6) TBD Open
AR11C_21F Rhythm Fitness & Yoga  瑜伽/普拉提 Sun(5) TBD Open
GF05A_21F Shaolin Kongfu Basic (age 7 and up)  少年少林功夫基础班(7岁以上) Sun(4) TBD Open
PH03A_21F Smart phone/Mobile Photography  手机摄影课 Tue(12) Online Open
AR11D_21F Spring Rhythm Fitness  自由舞蹈健美班 Sun(6) TBD Open
TJ11C_21F Tai Chi Chen Style (Advanced)  陈氏太极(高级) Sun(6) TBD Open
TJ01A_21F Tai Chi Chen Style Beginning  陈氏太极(初级) Sun(7) TBD Open
VO12B_21F Vocal Music  儿童声乐(age 9 and up) Sun(3) Online Open
VO11B_21F Vocal Music I (Adult)  成人声乐中级班 Sun(5) TBD Open
VO11C_21F Vocal Music II (Adult)  成人声乐高级班 Sun(6) TBD Open
VO11D_21F Vocal Music III (Adult)  成人声乐初级班 Sun(7) TBD Open
VO12A_21F Vocal Music IV (Adult)  成人声乐 Sun(4) Online Open
YO11B_21F Yoga (Adult) I  成人瑜伽 I Hybrid Sun(6) TBD Open
YO11C_21F Yoga (Adult) II  成人瑜伽 II Hybrid Sun(7) TBD Open
DN03A_21F Youth Dance (12 and up)  青少年舞蹈 12 (含)岁以上 Sun(8) TBD Open
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