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Early readers & Beginning ELLs 幼儿英文阅读 (Grade K-2)

Instructor: Andrea V Corvalan, the first generation American and bilingual. Ms. Corvalan studied political science at Carleton College in Minnesota and then law at Albany Law School. While she loved law school, she did not love practicing law and always enjoyed working with students. Thus, Ms. Corvalan turned to education acquiring a MS in Special Education and a MA in TESL - both from Webster University. Over the years, she had mostly taught a variety of middle school and high school social science classes including U.S. history, psychology, and Women's Studies. These classes emphasize reading fluency and comprehension and essay writing. Ms. Corvalan had also worked in preschool and elementary education, taught Spanish, guided a Girl Scout troop, and tutored privately in reading, writing, and in Spanish. These various education opportunities, thus, have given her experience across grades, subjects, and educational settings. This class targets early readers and writers. I is based on the importance of combining phonics with creativity and storytelling. It is quite flexible as young learners’ reading and writing skills vary greatly. This kind of program allows the teacher to adapt lessons to students’ ability. The class is structured as follows: The teacher reads a storybook to students. For example, Alexander and the Very Bad Day. As I read, I will highlight target words and grammatical structures and clarify as needed. Then, students take turns reading / telling the story to each other. This part focuses on their presentation skills. Then, we each take turns making connections to our own lives. Teacher models “Yes. We have all had bad days …. One day I lost my keys and spend hours looking for them. That was a terrible day that I will never forget how anxious I felt.” Then, we will write and draw these connections in notebooks and read / show them to each other. Students who are young and early writers will write out words and draw. Older students will write sentences. We will share these sentences / words / drawing with one another and work on expanding their thoughts and words. Teacher will highlight vocabulary words that connect to the story and / or to our shared experiences. This story naturally focuses on adjectives and feeling words. I will include an activity that focuses on feeling adjectives etc... Finally, students will continue writing sentences about their connections to the story. They can work on these sentences / paragraphs / drawings with word labels for homework.

Teacher 教师 :  Andrea V Corvalan Andrea V Corvalan
Room 教室 :  Online
Date 日期 (Time 时间):  Sun (11:30 am - 12:20 pm)
Max 人数上限 :  6
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