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Learning to code with Python Turtles 海龟帮你学编程

Description: This one-semester course offers a unique and intuitive way of introducing kids to coding. Students make programs to generate their own graphics, starting from simple polygons, to composite shapes, spiraling and tiling patterns, and ending up with mesmerizing fractals. Along the way, they learn key programming concepts such as variables, lists, logic, functions, iteration, and recursion. The course uses Python language and the Python Turtle module, which provides an easy-to-use graphical programming environment. Coding homework is done online on, and there is no need to install any software on kids' own computers. The course is designed for students with some background of coding (e.g., Scratch or and ready to start coding using "real-world" programming languages. For high school students, this course can serve as a preparation (but not replacement) for a CS AP course. Eligibility: Any student from 6th grade or above can take this class, although preferences are given to students in higher grade levels. The student must have taken both Algebra and Geometry courses (either in the normal curriculum or in an accelerated program), and have prior experience in coding (e.g., Scratch,, FIRST LEGO, etc.). Instructor: Tao Ju is currently a professor of Computer Science at Washington University in St. Louis. He obtained his BS and BA degrees from Tsinghua University in 2000, his PhD degree from Rice in 2005, and has been teaching and conducting research at WashU since then. His research area is computer graphics. For more information, please visit Tao’s webpage (

Teacher 教师 :  居涛 Tao Ju
Room 教室 :  Online
Date 日期 (Time 时间):  Sun (3:30 pm - 4:20 pm)
Max 人数上限 :  24
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