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Introduction to Java Java入门

Course Description: This is a one-semester course designed to help middle school and high school students with little or no prior programming experience to learn the fundamentals of Java, which is an object-oriented language used to create many of the programs we use every day. Students will learn how to use a powerful Integrated Development Environment to write and compile Java programs. By the end of the course, the students can master the Java programming required for computer competitions. For high school students, this course can serve as a preparation for AP computer science (using java as the teaching language). Meeting Time: 50-minute class on Sunday for 15 weeks. Syllabus: Week 1: Introduction and Basics; Week 2: Conditionals; Week 3: Switch; Week4: Loops; Week5: Arrays; Week 6: Classes and Objects; Week7: Input/Output; Week 8: midterm review and practice; Week 9: Lists; Week10: Maps and Sets; Week 11: Queues and Stacks; Week 12: Sorting; Week 13: Binary search; Week 14: Introduction to USACO; Week15: Final exam. Instructors: Song Cao holds a PhD degree in Physics and is currently a faculty member at the Washington University School of Medicine. His research area is in the bioinformatics field. He has many years of experience guiding students. ---- Michael Cao is a junior in Ladue High school. He has more than 6 years of programming experience in multiple languages. He has participated in the United States Computer Olympiad (USACO) since the eighth grade and has now been promoted to the Platinum level with a perfect score. He is also a problemsetter of USACO platinum level, and one of the main contributors to the USACO GUIDE website ( Michael will teach the class under Dr. Song Cao’s supervision

Teacher 教师 :  曹松 Song Cao
Room 教室 :  Online
Date 日期 (Time 时间):  Sun (7:30 pm - 8:20 pm)
Max 人数上限 :  12
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