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Math On-Line Exam Workshop 暑期数学百题拉练(5年级以上)

Note: This class is a 8 weeks class  from 5/30/2020 to 7/26/2020 .

暑期数学百题拉练, 面向五年级以上偏爱数学者。养成良好的自学习惯, 不间断对知识的追求。 方式: 每周发给10 道题, 题目因人而异,力求难度适宜, 不超出已学到的内容。学生按要求做题, 随时通过网络提问, 每周上一节网课,交作业, 教师批改后返还给学生。 Middle and high schoolers gifted in math are usually too busy to tackle difficult math problems during the whole school year. This is an opportunity for students to work 100 math problems using their leisure time. You are to be given 10 problems each week. You will find that many math problems involving only simple algebra are quite challenging. Web meeting once per week. You can ask questions any time using modern communication tools. Submit your homework on a weekly basis.

Teacher 教师 :  郭振华 Zhen Hua Guo
Room 教室 :  Online
Date 日期 (Time 时间):  Fri (6:30 pm - 7:20 pm)
Max 人数上限 :  20
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