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Introduction to Java Java入门

Course Description: This is a one-semester course designed to help students with little or no prior programming experience to learn the fundamentals of Java, which is an object-oriented language used to create many of the programs we use every day. Students will learn how to use a powerful Integrated Development Environment to write and compile Java programs. By the end of the course, the student should have a thorough understanding of the following: Using variables of multiple data types. Understanding how to write loops and conditionals to better control a program. Know how to utilize the Object Oriented aspect of Java with Classes and Objects. The most common strategy to read input and write output, as well as alternative approaches. USACO and Competitive Programming. Course Meeting Times: 1-hour classes every week for 15 weeks on Sunday. Syllabus: Week 1: Introduction and Basics; Week 2: Conditionals; Week 3: Switch; Week4: Loops; Week5: Arrays; Week 6: Classes and Objects; Week7: Input/Output; Week 8: midterm review and practice; Week 9: Lists; Week10: Maps and Sets; Week 11: Queues and Stacks; Week 12: Sorting; Week 13: Binary search; Week 14: Introduction to USACO; Week15: Final exam. Michael 现为 Ladue 高中学生,他拥有五年以上多种语言 (Java, C++, Python,JavaScript, HTML, CSS) 的编程经验。从八年级开始参加美国计算机奥林匹克竞赛(USACO),现已晋级到金级,并被选为USACO出题者之一。另外还在Google Code Jam,Code Force程序设计大赛中均取得优异成绩。Michael 于 2018 年秋季加入 SLMCS,讲授 Java 入门课程。希望通过讲授这门课程,让大家掌握计算机竞赛所需要的 Java 编程,并与大家分享计算机竞赛的学习资源与网站。同时该门课程也可以为高中AP computer science (以java为授课语言)做准备。 美国计算机奥赛USACO 一年共有4次比赛,参与即被认定为铜级,一旦升级至银, 金,白金等任何一级,就可以一直保持继续向前考,甚至连续升级。不像其他奥赛通常有10%的过线的限制,USACO只要达到一定的分数线,就都可以出线。计算机奥赛和数理化生物奥赛一样,为含金量最高的五大竞赛之一,一旦晋级,会为你的大学申请增添很多亮色!其中最常用的计算机竞赛语言为JAVA和C++,JAVA又为最容易入门的语言之一。

Teacher 教师 :  曹凌峰 Michael Cao
Room 教室 :  Online
Date 日期 (Time 时间):  Sun (4:10 pm - 4:55 pm)
Max 人数上限 :  0
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