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Introduction to Java and web programming JAVA 网络编程入门

Course Description: This course is intended for high school students with no or little programming experience. It introduces the fundamentals of Java, one of today’s most popular programming languages, and basics of web application (e.g. websites, webmail, online retail sale, instant messaging) development with Java related technologies. Students will use a powerful integrated development environment tool to learn to design, write, compile, and run basic Java applications that incorporate fundamental programming concepts and accepted programming techniques. The main topics students will learn includes: • Declaring and using variables of different data types to store information in programs. • Using control structures, such as if statements and loops, to control the flow of applications. • Understanding object oriented programming with creating and using classes, objects, inheritance and interface. • Reading and writing to files. • Javaservlet, JSP, and Tomcat server. Tentative syllabus: 1. Introduction, hello world, types, variables, operators 2. Conditions, Loops 3. Arrays, methods 4. Classes, objects 5. Lists, sets, maps 6. Access controls, scopes, packages, APIs 7. Inheritance, interface, override 8. I/O 9. HTML basics, cascading style sheets 10. Java Servlet basics 11. Form data handling 12. Cookie handling 13. Session tracking 14. JSP 15. MVC architecture

Teacher 教师 :  张瑞南 Ruinan Zhang
Room 教室 :  
Date 日期 (Time 时间):  Sat (3:30 pm - 4:20 pm)
Max 人数上限 :  0
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