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Math Competition (Grade-10) - Intermediate Algebra 竞赛数学-10年级

MC10: Grade 10 MATH Competition - Intermediate Algebra (Class Size: 12; Period 6; Print/Online Access: $25; textbook extra) Sunday This is a talented MATH class for grades 9-10 students. We will use Math League online system for practicing contests, and students could also participate Algebra I Contest around April. We will also practice contests from AMC/10, and students could also participate AMC formal contests with own expenses organized by parents. We will cover only selected solutions during the class and focus on key concepts and tips. Pre-req: Attended MC8 or higher class with good grade and class behavior, won any math competition in the past, or pass a sample contest. Textbook: Intermediate Algebra · Text ISBN: 978-1-934124-04-8; · Solutions ISBN: 978-1-934124-05-5

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