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Introduction to Java Java入门

Course Name: Introduction to Java. Course Description: This is a course designed to help middle school and high school students with little or no prior programming experience to learn the fundamentals of Java, which is an object-oriented language used to create many of the programs we use each and every day. Students will learn how to use a powerful Integrated Development Environment to write and compile Java programs. By the end of the course, the student should have a thorough understanding of the following: Using variables of multiple data types. Understanding how to write loops and conditionals to better control a program. Know how to utilize the Object Oriented aspect of Java with Classes and Objects. The most common strategy to read input and write output, as well as alternative approaches. Basic Algorithms such as sorting and searching. How to use Data Structures to effectively store information. USACO and Competitive Programming Course Meeting Times: 1-hour classes every week for 15 weeks on Sunday. Syllabus: Week 1: Introduction and Basics Week 2: Variables and Arrays Week 3: Conditionals and Loops Week 4: More Advanced Loops and Advanced Variables Week 5: Input/Output Week 6: Classes and Objects Week 7: Review + Midterm Week 8: Maps, Lists, and Sets Week 9: Queues and Stacks Week 10: Recursion Week 11: Sorting Week 12: Searches Week 13: Trees Week 14: Graphs Week 15: Summary and Introduction to USACO

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