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42 Tai chi international Competition standard form 42式太极拳 ( 国际标准太极拳竞赛套路) 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM

42式太极拳 ( 国际标准太极拳竞赛套路) 42式太极拳是国际标准太极拳竞赛套路。以杨式太极拳为主,吸取陈式、吴式、孙式太极拳之长,动作严格规范、舒展大方。是大众强身健本、修身养性的热门套路。 42 Tai chi Form ---international Competition standard Form 42 Tai Chi form is an international competition standard form combines movements from Chen, Yang, Wu and Sun styles of Tai Chi Quan. This is a very popular form for competition as well as for personal health benefits.

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