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St. Louis Modern Chinese School

Math (Grade 6/7) 数学六/七年级

利用整个学年的每周45 分钟的学时来教授初等代数。 内容包括简单几何图形的面积与周长, 勾股定理, 开平方, 涉及负数和无理数的四则混合运算,表达式, 未知数, 方程以及行程,工效,混合等方面的应用题。注重趣味性,思维能力的训练,和对数量与空间世界的审美。 Middle School Science class Students are going to bring their questions encountered in their math and science studies to class for brain-storming. Each week, one or two paragraphs of ACT/SAT test materials will be discussed in class. Three heavy weight math problems will be gone over。 Students learn by teaching.

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