A Nurturing Avenue To Learn Chinese
St. Louis Modern Chinese School
吴婷婷 (Tingting Wu)

Teach Classes for 2017 Spring:
  • CH01C_17S  中文一年级C班  Chinese Level 01C
简介:  Tingting Wu comes from Chengdu, Sichuan Province. She graduated from Sichuan Normal University, China. When she was in China, she had several years teaching experience and she was an enthusiastic volunteer, especially with disabled and autistic children. She is fond of working with children because they are angels from heaven.She believes studying should be fun and interesting, so she always encourages her students to participate in class activities and incorporates practice into various games. Her teaching style is relaxed and cheerful. She hopes every kid will have fun in her class in SLMCS.

爱好:  volunteer, singing, painting, baking and traveling.

个人趣事:  “It is children that teach us to be better people.”