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Music Theater 音乐剧表演入门

个人简介 张佳葆,来自湖北武汉。曾就读于法国佩皮尼昂音乐学院,毕业于威斯康辛大学麦迪逊分校,并取得声乐表演硕士学位。他在攻读硕士学位时,参加当地合唱团和麦迪逊大学歌剧团,并在歌剧《费加罗的婚礼》中出演Don Curzio,《法斯塔夫》中扮演Bardolph。在繁忙的学习生活中,他同时也在UW-Madison, Community music lesson 担任声乐指导教授学生并保持自己的声乐工作室。 Jiabao Zhang, a tenor who got his Master of Music in the University of Wisconsin-Madison. His major is vocal performance. He moved to St. Louis this May after graduation. He is interested in performing in both choir and operas as well as teaching vocal techniques. He had the chance to perform in a few opera shows in UW-Madison, and he has been teaching voice lessons in the University of Wisconsin-Madison community music lessons since 2016. He is the principle singer in Bach Society of St. Louis and American Chamber Choral. Jiabao will join the upcoming operas in Winter Opera in St. Louis as chorus member. 这门课包括视唱练耳, 和基本表演技巧和声乐技巧。加强学生的演唱基本功,在训练学生的呼吸,咬字和教授基本的演唱技巧外,增强孩子们的自信心。。课程会根据学生的情况来具体安排曲目和课程进度。年龄要求12岁以上.

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